CF 130 | Early Church History | John Tyson

Required Books

The Story of Christianity, Vol. 1: The Early Church to the Dawn of the Reformation (Read Reviews)
Readings in Christian Thought: Second Edition (Read Reviews)
Confessions (Penguin Classics) (Read Reviews)
On the Incarnation: Saint Athanasius (Popular Patristics) (Read Reviews)
Invitation to Christian Spirituality: An Ecumenical Anthology (Read Reviews)
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Book List:

  • Gonzalez, Justo: The Story of Christianity, Vol. I (2 nd Edition), ISBN 978-0061855887
  • Kerr, Hugh. Readings in Christian Thought (2nd Edition), ISBN 978-0687355471
  • Pine-Coffin, R.S. Saint Augustine’s Confessions, ISBN 978-0140441147
  • Lewis, C.S.: St. Athanasius On the Incarnation, ISBN 978-0881414271
  • Tyson, John R. Invitation to Christian Spirituality, ISBN 978-0195106364
  • Tyson, John R. The Great Athanasius, ISBN 978-1625647528